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Project Brief


Winsupply Inc., is a distributor of residential and commercial construction and industrial supplies and equipment. It has more than 600 distribution locations nationwide.

We are a small and nimble team so cross-collaboration and wearing multiple hats is the key to our success. In this effort I lead all UI/UX design, brand and product experience for everything that goes out the door.

In a massive redesign effort I helped lead the UI/UX and branding of a new eCommerce platform of product information on available inventory ranging from plumbing valves to welding equipment to each of the 600+ Winsupply distribution location’s with a dedicated website while giving local owners individual and unique front-end eCommerce sites.

The company’s product inventory includes more than 3 million SKUs from thousands of suppliers. A robust product information management (PIM) system from Informatica and a faster site-search engine led to a 25% increase in ecommerce sales in 2019 from 2018. Today, Winsupply eCommerce accounts for about 0.4%, or $16 million, of all annual revenue of about $4.0 billion. Today, Winsupply has about 113 distribution locations, each with its own custom website, hooked up to an Oracle eCommerce platform.

  • Role:Lead Designer
  • Discipline: Branding, CSS, UI/UX
  • Product:eCommerce Website & Marketing
  • Date:2019 - Current

UI/UX Design

Working directly with a team of front end developers I led the design of our eCommerce platform. This involved a user-centered design approach to show the interaction and page layouts of the product for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Results achieved

The Winsupply eCommerce platform is designed to be simple and easy to use so business owners can take an active role in managing their products and customers. The platform supports 600 distribution locations nationwide!

Local Companies
Million+ in Revenue
Million SKUs
% increase in 2019 Sales

Graphic Design and Icons

My design role for Winsupply covers the full spectrum -- from leading the re-brand efforts to email, marketing, print, UI/UX and web design.


The finished design shown for a Winsupply company as it's displayed on various devices.


Perry Sandlewick
Art Director, UI/UX designer, Brand Ambassador

Email: sandlewick@gmail.com

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